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[Solved] Free .Com Domain Name | Totally Free Domain Name | Free Domain Name -  


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In this post, you will discover a hidden non-popular website that currently offers their users free domain (Yeah free .com domain name) and amazingly you can register up to two free com domain without hosting per a single account you setup.

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Indeed a good opportunity if you have been in search of free website domain with a totally free domain name to start your website or blog.


In addition, you will also discover a special discount code for members of this forum only to get an unlimited hosting account for an incredibly low and cheap price of $0.01 (38Naira).


So, let get started.

Since am not here for stories will post the link to the secret website to claim your free .com domain while it last (to be sincere most free things don't last) so enjoy it instantly now before it's over.


I have added the link and instructions to follow as an answer below this post and all you need to do is scroll down to view it and enjoy. But, if you are not logged in as a member of this forum you will only see that this post has one or more answers but you won't be able to view it because this forum answers are only available to logged-in members.

The good news is that it is 100% Free to join this best question and answer Forum in the World as Members and you even earn EdoGWorld tokens once you join which you can also redeem for Data, Airtime, Cash and lot more (plus refer others and earn more EdoGWorld).


For the sake of doubting Thomas about the genuineness of the free domain Watch The Video Prove Below (Joining the forum is not compulsory - just move on to Google to continue your endless search for free .com domain ? ? ? )


NOTE: If you are starting a website and want it to rank higher and faster in Google, you will help yourself starting with Expired Domains With High Domain Authority & Backlinks For SEO than using a brand new domain.


See how I ranked one-day-old website for over 25 keywords on Google page 1 using expired domain.







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As promised, how to get Free .com domain name below:

1) Click Here To Claim Free .Com Domains Now


2) Recommended you use Chrome or any other browser



Due to the fact that the website is not in English Language by default. So, to navigate and claim the free domain names you will need to translate it to English as seen in the video above. The video shows an already translated version using Google chrome default translator.


3) Follow the instruction on their website step by step and please don't miss use the platform so you don't get blocked or banned.


For $0.01 (1 Cent - 38Naira) cheap Hosting with a special discount coupon for EdoGWorldforum member go to


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Where is the video?


Video added above. Refresh your browser.

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For $0.01 (38Naira) cheap Hosting with a special discount coupon for EdoGWorldforum member go to

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