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[Solved] Cheap Hosting With Free SSL: Cheapest Web Hosting With SSL $0.01 (38Naira)  


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In this article, I will reveal the hosting used on this forum based on requests that had help removed the hosting issues, have 99% up to, secured and backed with a prompt customer support team ready to help any time any day.

In the end, you will access a special discount coupon code to get the same hosting for as cheap as $0.01 (N38) for your first month.


Why Did We Leave Our Previous Web Hosting?

First, let us discuss some reasons why one may need to move from one web hosting to another:

1) Uptime: The previous hosting has that too


2) Storage: The previous hosting has less storage


3) iNode: The previous hosting has fewer inodes which are essential for a robust data pages platform like this forum currently housing over 20,000 pages.


4) Security: The previous hosting is cool for this too


5) Bandwidth: The previous hosting has less bandwidth which means as we grow we will be forced to upgrade unplanned or have the forum become inaccessible at frequent intervals to offload the bandwidth usage

6) SSL: Yeah, they offer free SSL but I had been there for long before I discovered and was a technical configuring it. Our new web host simplifies that process (Automated if you adding new domain) and the SSL is 100% FREE.


7) Addon Domains: The previous host is very limited why this new one gives access to unlimited addon domains to be added at will.


8) Cost: I know some of you already expecting this. Well, the previous hosting was costly even with such limited feature but beyond that, as this forum grows we will be spending a very huge amount on their dedicated hosting plans to keep it running and accessible to members.

With that in mind, after crosschecking both, the new hosting won with even making the subscription easier by allowing to pay on monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 1year bases.

The old hosting does start with a discount and then skyrocket it thereafter while the new host keeps the price and even at that is damn very cheap.

 It also limits payment to Credit/Debit card while our new Hosting accepts it with Paypal option (If reading from Nigeria, click here to discover how we open verified Paypal account to make payment for the hosting).


After taking the time to read reviews online, compare and contrast, we finally made the decision to migrate into the new host and since then had no regret.

It positively impacted our SEO as 5xx server errors in our Google Console dashboard disappeared.


Interestingly, you can get your first month for as little as 0ne cent (N38) to get started via our special discount coupon for EdoGWorldforum members only.


If interested in the hosting powering this forum and want to claim the discount of $0.01 then check the details below as answer/comment to this post.

NOTE: Our Answer/Comment section is only visible to logged in members. It is free to join and the coupon code is also 100% free to our members to enjoy with details of renewal rate which is also less than N2k/month for unlimited hosting with interesting features mentioned above.




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To claim the coupon click here to register at $0.01  

NOTE: If redirected to VPS page, just click the menu at the top for the Web Hosting it should display the coupon code for you as EdoGWorldforum member but if not use this coupon code at checkout point where it requests for coupon below:


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