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[Solved] How To Get US Visa At Your First USA Visa Appointment in Nigeria  


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This article reveals How To Get 2 Years Non-Immigrant US Visa At First Application just by discovering US visa requirement for Nigerian citizens to win your US visa appointment in Nigeria like a Boss.

Yeah, I mean Like A Boss, not as a desperate guy looking for a way of escape from Nigeria through USA Visa.

I also added must know and avoid 7 secrets while 60-90% Nigerians US Visa Applications are rejected yearly.


us visa application images

Pexels: It is possible only if you know the secrets behind the arts

If you look deeply at the above picture, do you ever think you can be one of those two people making that happen in reality?

I think the first thing in your mind is it impossible, right? Yeah, it could have been but since you can see it right in front of you means its possible.....What this message means is that if others are applying for US Visa successfully - Why won't You?

It just about believing you can do it, then go through people who have done it successfully and yours will be the next amazing testimony like that picture depict. You will have access to those who have done it before in this guide and succeeded even at their first US Visa Application attempt to get 2 Years non-immigrant US Visa without hassles. Aside from that, some others have followed their footsteps to record same success testimony.


Are you planning to apply for a 2 Years US Visa very soon?

If yes, then this guide is for you,

if no, you should pass it on to friends and family and they will forever be grateful to you while you should also take time to have a full idea on getting 2Year non immigrant US Visa to prepare ahead for yourself too.


Has your US Visa been denied before without being able to figure out while yet?

You will surely find this guide comforting to eliminate your worry on securing USA visa on your next US Visa appointment.


Are you tired of spending hundreds of thousands and millions of Naira to Agent without any solution to your US Visa rejection?

If YES, then you need to indeed pay attention and follow this guide thoroughly.


Before I dive into what to do to win your next US Visa Appointment,


Let us look at 7 secret things that are discovered to be a great obstacle to most Nigerian US Visa application causing about 60%-90% rejection rate yearly.

Yeah, they are simple and easy to overlook but they are powerful to stop just anyone from securing a US Visa in Nigeria even after paying millions to so-called in-house influential agents.

They are:

1) Who you know Nigerian syndrome

2) Value Proposition

3) Anachronistic Strategies

4) Boxed Interview

5) Wrong timing

6) Wrong Season

7) Rejoinder Rate

Now, let's take and discuss them in details one after the other,

Each of the above will be added below this post as an answer so it makes it easier for you to comment your questions directly under each for help.


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1 of 7) Who you know Nigerian syndrome

It is a common thing in Nigeria that whatever you want to do, the rate of its success will largely depend on if you know someone at the top or as an insider. This has eaten deep into our being that it is now a norm.

No wonder, even when some people come across self-help guide like this, they still go to friends, family and just anyone they find to recommend agents to pay a huge sum of money which to. Because, to such people (I hope you are not one of them) them think that assures them better of securing their USA Visa successfully with the help of insider agents.

It's a pure scam,

stop paying an agent a huge sum of money as an insider.

No insider anywhere when it comes to US Visa appointment, it's you, your preparation and your God.

What you do in that appointment coupled with your submitted application goes a long way to determine if your application will be approved or rejected. 

Thus, its wisdom to focus on knowing what you need to do and things to avoid to make a success story from your next US Visa appointment.

This guide helps with that by simply showing you tested and proven secrets directly from those who have done it before.......delivering you from losing huge money to an agent.

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2 of 7) Value Proposition

A lot of Nigerians applying for US Visas are doing so on bases of escaping the unfavourable economy and insecurity but without any value in mind to deliver in USA.

The US Consulate is smart and intelligent enough to easily spot this in applicants and swiftly reject them to avoid taking the burden from Nigeria and then adding it to their own country ? ? ? . 

In summary, if you don't have any value to offer AMERICA, you can't expect to have your US Visa to be approved even after paying millions to so-called insider agents.

When you do have a value, you also need to learn how to communicate it clearly to them via your submitted application and Visa appointment interview.

We have a video you need to watch at the end of this article to guide you.


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3 of 7) Anachronistic Strategies

Anachronistic simply means outdated, old fashioned and overturned.

Most people and their agents still follow the same old US Visa application methods to compile and submit their applications in a time and age where everything moves and changes at a speed of light.

For example, the application mode used between 1998 to 2017 has been changed in 2018 drastically. Thus, if you still using the same old 1998 strategies to apply, you risk rejection at about 90% rate.

Thus, ensure you do your thorough research to find out what is outdated and things accepted at the time of application.

The good news is that you will be linked up at the end of this article with sources to stay updated on the current requirement.


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4 of 7) Boxed Interview

Your US Visa appointment interview is not a job interview. Thus, avoid been boxed up by the interviewers. Instead, relax, be bold, be confident and be the Boss.

If you miss this crucial part of the interview, you will likely get rejected.


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5 of 7) Wrong timing

After your submission is accepted and needs to book a US Visa appointment in Nigeria, then the time selection is also of utmost importance.

If you fix wrong timing, you will most likely have your application rejected.

You will discover more in the recommended guides in this article below.


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6 of 7) Wrong Season

There are times there could be things like political tension, economic meltdown and a lot more.

Check the season you are before applying to avoid rejection.



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7 of 7) Rejoinder Rate

Apart from checking your physical appearance when you show up for the US Visa appointment interview, the US consulate officials also check your rejoinder rate.

Rejoinder simply means response.

That means they observe your responses and how you answer questions been asked.

The higher your rejoinder score rate, the better your chances of success and approval.

Be yourself and prepare ahead of the interview possible questions they will ask and the likes.

To help even deeper and how to discover the secrets to getting 2years non-immigrant US Visa even at first attempt in Nigeria, I will be adding up a list of self-help materials to consult and make a success of your next US visa appoints below.


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As promised earlier, I have put up list of guides (will be adding them one by one as I have access to them) that will make you avoid those 7 mistakes done by many Nigerians and also discover step-by-step how to get 2years non-immigrant visa without the need for any agent as revealed by Ademiluyi David who got his first US Visa at first application and since then had helped so many others out there to secure theirs including those whom already got rejected severally before. Get started with his guide below:

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