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[Solved] Pitch Comment Technique: Secret Whitehat SEO Quality Backlinks Method Never Discussed On The Internet  


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What is Pitch Comment Technique

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Pitch Comment Technique is a type of white hat backlink strategy which involves getting quality backlinks from a comment by creating a compelling and a thoughtful comment that resonates with the author making it not just good for approval but also to put your comment name in the whitelist of the author to get other future comments approved faster on their future posts.

You simply look natural, non-spammy and flow with the article you commenting on.

Pitch Comment Technique was coined by me (Oasun Akeys/Olasunkanmi Fakeye, EdoGWorldforum founder and moderator) and first appeared on the internet via this post on 12th September 2019 (moved here from my niche site questionunanswered.com/echomag.org on 16th December 2019 when considering selling the site).


The Pitch Comment Technique involves the following steps:


1) Search for your niche keywords on Google/Bing or other search engines in this format

example: "Heath Blogs" without quotes

and you will have tons of roundup articles showing top 10, top 20 etc. health blogs you should check online.


2) Browse through the recommended blogs one by one and locate those with high-quality articles

and option for comment (the comment box must have 3 ingredients to fit for Pitch Comment Technique).

i. Comment author name box

ii. Comment author email box

iii. Comment author URL box (this is where you get a reward in the form of backlink for your good, solid pitch comment techniques)

If any of the above is missing, it does not meet implementing the Pitch Comment Technique.

Thus, simply close the blog and move to others on the top health blog list article you visited from Google/Bing.


3) Ensure the blog was recently published not more than 24hours to 1 month to guarantee that the author is still active in reviewing comments manually over there.

In case the post is over a month or even 2-5years old don't close it yet it could still be useful,

do this:

Scroll through the existing approved comments and locate the latest approved comment(s).

When you do, check the date and if it was within a month. That is also still a good fit for our backlink strategy.

It means the author is still actively monitoring comments on the post like it was on day one of publishing it.


ADDITIONAL HINT: To get fresh blog alerts in your niche to implement the Pitch Comment Technique more effectively, set up Google Alert with your keywords and in the option select blogs,

so you will only get alerts in your Gmail from blogs which gives you the possibility of commenting. 

If you set it at automatic instead of blogs only, it would eventually be a waste of time because most alerts will be from top magazines and websites that do not allow commenting on their articles.


4) When step 2 criteria fully met (3 must-have comment box listed above),

then its time to create your comment and you can go back up to understand how to form your comment to ensure no author sees such and send to spam or delete. They will surely approve it.


I have personally tested this method and use it to build over 100 quality backlinks

to a website project within 3months

without need to send mail or

beg anyone for a link on their website. 


Sure most will be no-follow but trust me, have tested it.

They still fully contribute to your ranking why some will also be do-follow depending on the blog master link tag.


Seatback and await your comment approval.

Some will not approve it because they get too many spam comments that they just mark every pending comment in bulk and delete.

That is why you should follow this Pitch Comment technique to ensure at least 70-95% of your comments don't get deleted with the bad boys spam comments - comment why the author is most actively monitoring and awaiting engagement via comments on the post.


5) Rinse and repeat for same approved blogs.

Your backlink tools most times do not report the links even after been approved by the author, it could take a week and at times up to 4 weeks especially if your website/blog is still new and not regularly crawled yet by those tools bots to see some.

In such case use the Links section of your Google Webmaster/Google Console to check weekly for new backlinks and the domains it came from.

You can also use Ubersuggest and SEMRush.

When you spot them,

it shows the blog has approved your comment and it good to reuse the Pitch Comment Method on same blog and

ensure you maintain the same


EMAIL as the first approved comment which already started a positive soft spot for you on the author's blog.

But you should change the URL from your homepage to any other relevant quality article on your website/blog to the one you want to comment on (Avoid commenting on same article twice except as reply if you added question-like Pitch comment earlier and the author responded to it). 

With such,

you will get more backlinks from the same source over and over again

but will not be seen to be spamming because they link to different but related resources on your website/blog

not just the homepage.


With this Pitch Comment Technique method, if you plan out to comment on 10-20 blogs weekly,

In one month you would have commented on over 40-80 blogs and

if 70-95% approves it within space of a month,

You would have earned your website/blog an average of 30-70 quality backlinks just via comment without begging any of the blogs for it - incredible right

far better than buying low-quality black hat backlinks in bulk which could destroy your ranking instead of helping it on SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages).


This works over and over after testing it in the last few years even if your website/Blog is having zero backlinks and just a fresh domain with zero rankings and authority on the internet.

Within 3months, you should conveniently cross over 100 uniques domains & IPs linking and creating quality backlinks to your new/old website/blog and that is cool enough to get your SEO off the ground with your quality articles till you get to an authority level ranking on page 1 of Google/Bing which also makes you start getting more quality and voluntary backlinks from other websites/blogs for free.


 Am also implementing the same method for this forum considering is a new project I just started out precisely a month ago and its already getting some backlinks from this method.

Also, have decided to compile the  full list of all those websites/blogs that the method works on for building backlinks to this forum and you can browse them here (List of Websites For Quality Backlinks using Pitch Comment Methods),

Considering this forum is a multi-niches forum, you will likely get some that align with your niche to comment or.

If you are too busy,

or get freakout with technical issues like this, 

or just too damn lazy to implement the Pitch Comment Method on your own,

you can simply HIRE ME (Olasunkanmi AT EdoGWorldgroup.com)!!!


Kindly join this forum, comment on your experience using the Pitch Comment Technique method and share using the social media share tools.



This post was modified 2 years ago by Silas Daji