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How to see removed users list telegram  


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This is how to see removed users list in a private telegram

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The removed users' list or banned user list is not easy to access on Telegram for private group and could easily frustrate you as an admin if you don't know where to locate it as I experienced with EdoGWorldfoods Gold membership group a few hours ago which prompted me to write this after I searched online without any help and was able to seat and locate it myself.

In my own case, the member complained of not seeing the previous chat after been added to the group which is a premium member-only access group. That was when I realised that by default telegram private group set previous messages to invisible or hidden for newly added or joining members. So, decided to remove the member and then readded but was denied because it gives error that the member is already on removed user list of the telegram group so I have to find that list and remove the member from it first before I can read or the member can rejoin via invite link (without removing from the removed list none of those methods of adding the member back will work).


So, this is the solution I found for you how to see removed users list in telegram private group:

1) Open telegram app

2) Search for the private group

3) Must be an admin or creator of the private telegram group

4) Tap the group name at the top to reveal more details about the group

5) Tap A Pen like icon at the top of the popup information page in step (5) above

6) Click on Permissions

7) Scroll down below the option "What can a member of this group do" you will see "Removed Users" 

8) Tap it to unveil and see list of removed users/banned users in telegram private group.

9) You can remove the person from the list and after that you can read them or send them link to rejoin the group

Hope this helps, let me hear your experience - join this forum can post a response below.