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How To Earn Airtime, Data, Cash and lot more on EdoGWorldforum  

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Hello Dear,

I am Olasunkanmi Fakeye Founder of EdoGWorldforum. A Web/App Design/Dev., Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency/Blockchain, SEO and Brand Consultant at EdoGWorld.

You are on this page basically because you want to know how to earn rewards with EdoGWorldforum and redeem your rewards to Airtime, Data, Cash and any other tangible products or services.

Thus, I need you to read every line of this open letter to you with all concentration has it will determine if your earnings on this forum will be redeemable or not.

My team and I have done some research and discovered there are a lot of youths online actively in search of ways to earn legitimately and in our own way, we are introducing this platform.

First as a question and answer forum to reactivate Nigeria online forum sphere.

Secondly, to see how we can add values to our members' life which lead to the addition of features to reward you for things you have been doing for free as a member of this forum before.


It is a new but fast-growing QandA forum. So, kindly erase the error that we are doing profit sharing from Adverts (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!),

it is not a profit-sharing website and we do not request a kobo from you before you get a reward (Just as we do not hope you expect us to throw rewards at you without doing anything - that will be deception).

It's simply a heart of reward so you don't take this too far.


How The Platform Works?

It is the best and fastest growing Question and Answers Forum in the World with over 8,500 Question + Answers already added.

The platform has an internal reward point known as "EdoGWorld" token to make it easier to automate the rewarding process and reduce human factors and error in rewarding hardworking members from point of joining, earning rewards and redeeming it.

You earn the reward tokens when you Register on the forum, Refer others to join, Post questions, Answer questions, Read and share posts.

The reward token can now be redeemed through our Marketplace where you have varieties of things you can buy with your EdoGWorld token.

All the above process are automated except for after you have placed the order and paid with your earned EdoGWorld token. To fulfil your order we go through the activities which earned you the tokens before we process your marketplace order.

In case we find anything dubious in your activities like multiple accounts etc. your account will be banned and all earned reward wiped off for life. But, if no dubious activities detected, you will have your order delivered within 24hours to 72hours. We recommend you follow all the instructions below to make your withdrawal faster and stressless for you and our team.


IMPORTANT NOTE [Terms & Conditions]: This is not an auto-redeem or earning platform which means earning tokens does not in any way guaranteed to be able to redeem it at the time you wish to.

Your ability to redeem earning is subject to availability of stock in the Marketplace.

what this means for example is that if you want to redeem your EdoGWorld token for 2GB MTN Data, you need to visit the store and check if we have it in stock, then place order but if it is out of stock or zero in stock, it means other members have redeemed the available stocks and you need to keep checking till we restock which could be in a week, 2 weeks or even months time or we could remove that particular reward from the store totally at our own discretion. 

In summary, the faster you earn and redeem, the better your chances before other members clear up the available stock.

If you have earned but checked the market and no more stock, just keep earning more and checking the Marketplace frequently (You should also be checking our WhatsApp/telegram group to get alert when we restock) so you be among the first set of members to redeem before the new stock is exhausted again.

As mentioned, joining this program means you understand the above and other terms of this reward and redeem system as any negative and wrong post or review about this platform on social media or anywhere else will not be taken lightly against such member or non-member.


How To Earn On EdoGWorldforum?

Kingly follow these steps strictly (missing any means you will not be able to redeem earned points or account banned for life):

1. Register (see link at end of the post to register/login) as a member (non-members can't be rewarded): During registration, you will be asked to fill your Phone number. It is advisable to fill your personal and active line which is on Whatsapp as you need to join our group for verification when about to withdraw. And for those smart system scammers, we will get you because you can not change the phone number of the account once you signup. So, think twice before you add up fake or randomly generated numbers.

Also, if you order for 2GB MTN Data from the store, even if you put a phone number in the order notes, it will be ignored. Instead, the data or airtime will be processed and delivered to the phone number you registered with (kindly read that statement again please, so you don't lose your earnings or label the platform scam for your own error).


2. Check your email inbox and spam box for our account activation email to activate and set a password for your account. Mark our mail as important so it will henceforth be landing in your inbox, not spam box.


3. Once you log in, you immediately start earning reward tokens called "EdoGWorld". First for joining you earn 100EdoGWorld which is equivalent to N100 and the earning continues for every other activity you do on EdoGWorld. From referral which gives about N50/successfully verified referral, post meaningful questions and answer existing ones (if you spam, you undoing yourself -why? because for every post you do and it is approved, you earn rewards why for any that we delete as spam, you lose rewards from your already earned balance) - Zero tolerance to copy-paste, marketing, adverts,spamming etc.).


4. Copy your Referral link and share on your social media and with friends and family. Remember, you earn when they signup and verify their account by joining our Whatsapp/Telegram group.

Some Rewarding Activities (subject to change anytime):



5. Join the following groups and channel with the exact number you registered with - even if you have two lines, you will only be verified with the one used when registering and remember it can't be changed. YOU MUST JOIN THE WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM CHANNEL and GROUP  and remain there if not YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!!!




NOTE: This makes it easier to get updates directly from our team and also be first to know when we stock the Marketplace so you can swiftly redeem before others clear it off.

Redeeming your EdoGWorld token reward in the Marketplace is a game of the fastest finger gets it not waiting around and expecting because you have EdoGWorld token, our team should automatically convert it to Money, Data or Airtime for you - NO, this platform does not operate like that and if that is your expectations please don't bother joining at all. We do not charge any amount to join and the platform is also still fresh and not earning yet.

Thus, we have a budget for what we can offer for redeeming your earned rewards for now. In future when we start earning, we could be able to stock more and also frequently too but for now, claim it when you see it and when not available keep earning to prepare yourself for the stocking days. If not, simply avoid the platform totally.


6. Once you have earned a minimum of 300EdoGWorld and above, you should check the MARKETPLACE for available stock to order to redeem your earned tokens (it also helps you to know how much EdoGWorld you need to earn to redeem a particular stock).

you will be automatically denied paying with your token if earned EdoGWorld token balance is lower than the product or service you want to order.


7. If you have fulfiled all above and did not in any way attempted to game our system to earn point faster than the effort you put into referring, posting etc. Then, you will have your order delivered within 24hours-72hours.


8. Always check the Forum, Whatsapp/Telegram group and Marketplace daily to stay up to date on offers and stocking. 


What Can Be Redeemed With EdoGWorld token?

You can redeem anything listed in the Marketplace (all products/services page have specific instructions you should check before placing an order with your EdoGWorld token).

Some of them are Data, Airtime, Cash, eBooks, Courses and a lot more!


Disclaimer: We reserve the sole right to adjust the amount of EdoGWorld token earned per activities and the reward and prices, cancel or stop this entire earning reward system and platform totally anytime without prior notice. Thus, you are advised to stay connected to our WhatsApp/Telegram to get updates and check this page as often as you can for any updates. 

Your continued use of this platform (EdoGWorldforum and related platforms) means you consciously agree that earning EdoGWorld token does not in any way (legally) represent EdoGWorldforum team owing you money or rewards. 


Wishing you all the best!


Olasunkanmi Fakeye

EdoGWorld Founder.







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