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[Solved] Godaddy Closeout  


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What is Godaddy Closeout meaning in domaining dictionary

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Godaddy Closeout is a section of Godaddy Auction where all expired domains are listed after they did not sell in the main Godaddy Auction for a price usually from $5 above with a Godaddy buy now option.

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If any domain not sold yet at the Godaddy closeout, it is then returned to the registry where it would be dropped back to the public for registration like new domains.

So it follows these stages

Domain Expired (non renewed) goes to Godaddy Auction and if not sold, goes to Godaddy Closeout and if not sold, goes back to the Domain Registry and then dropped back for the public to register at normal reg fees.


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Godaddy closeout important details to note.

After domain added, it has a 24hours count down daily for the 5days.

How do you know if a Godaddy Closeout is Not Expired but just close for the day?

It is easier to be confused as the count down is 24hours and repeat the same for the 5days and each time if not bough the price drops from about $11 to $5

Let say day 1 it went unsold when the 24hours count down reach zero it will display the following error:

"This domain isn't available for purchase right now, but it could be available soon."

That indicates the current count down is over but the domain is still available for purchase in the closeout buy now auction. The error only last few seconds before the next day count down begins. Refresh the page to view new countdown and reduced price.

But when it counts down on the last day which usually is the 5th day unsold, it changes the error message to this instead: 

"Auction Ended"

Just as read, the domain is finally out of Godaddy closeout auction sale and can't be purchased again even with a refresh of the page.