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[Solved] Top 10 Questions About E-Commerce Business By Newbies ANSWERED  


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Answers To Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About E-Commerce Business by Newbies discussed in details below.

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If you are contemplating going into digital-based business as the world is forced to embrace online businesses. Then, E-Commerce may be one of your consideration which includes branches like dropshipping and more.

As a question and answer focused platform in over 50 niches worldwide, this article will look into about top 10 questions people (especially newbie) ask about e-commerce and provide answers including how to get started with the help of platforms like Fiverr if you eventually decided to give e-commerce a try.


At the end of this article, I will guide on how to get help starting your own e-commerce business from home anywhere you are in the world with the help of Fiverr.


So, let us roll in (the article is divided into two sections as seen below):

PART A: FAQ and Answers

PART B: How to start an E-commerce business with help of E-commerce professionals on platforms like Fiverr.



PART A: E-Commerce Frequently Asked Questions By Newbies


1) What E-commerce Is (What e-commerce means)?

Simply put, e-commerce can be defined as the art of selling products and services using digital platforms like a store website to connect with potential buyers, allowing them to navigate around the online store just as they do at an offline store to make purchases and have it delivered to them offline (for physical products) or online (for digital products and services).


2) When Did E-commerce Begin?

According to history, e-commerce started in the 1960s as the internet rise began to open new doors of opportunities and ways of connecting with each other and ultimately transacting business with one another. The most popular platforms that first ventured into e-commerce in the early days when most do not even see its possibility are companies like Amazon, eBay and more.


3) How E-commerce Works?

E-commerce works on similar principles like the brick and mortar stores offline but with some variations that eventually gave it an edge over offline stores. It simply works by making a catalogue of products or services available for potential customers to purchase online without the need to visit the store offline and still get their products delivered to them after a successful order.


4) Is E-commerce Profitable and Does E-commerce Worth It?

Yeah, e-commerce is indeed very lucrative and profitable business to venture into if you put into it all it requires to be a successful e-commerce business owner. If you need and need the help of e-commerce professionals to guide on e-commerce profitability, then check out Fiverr E-Commerce Gigs by professionals for help.


5) Is E-commerce Legit?

Yeah, e-commerce is a legitimate business that anyone can do anywhere in the world. Virtually every country of the world support e-commerce businesses without major laws in place against getting involved in the business. Thus, if your fear is if e-commerce is a legit business or not, then you definitely have come to understand better now that it is.


6) Is E-commerce an Industry of Its Own?

Yeah, e-commerce has grown to be a full industry of it own with different branches like Dropshipping. In fact, e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industry on the internet and it seems to not show any sign of slowing down now any time soon and even in the nearest future.


7) Is E-commerce Retail?

hmmm, this question is a bit tricky but let me answer it this way. E-commerce can be a retail, wholesale or just direct to consumer. Its all depends on how you want to run your own e-commerce business.


8) Who Is E-Commerce Operator?

An E-commerce Operator refers to someone who owns or operates an e-commerce business as clearly defined by international laws like the India GST law. That means, once you won a website that offers products and services for sale on the internet, you may be classified as an e-commerce operator by law and thus, have to abide by the law governing it in your own country or the country of your potential customers.


9) How Do E-Commerce Sites Make Money (Can E-Commerce Make Money)?

E-commerce websites make money by selling products and services to their customers online. Just as an offline store, you buy at a price and sell higher for profit. In the case of digital products, you may need to just spend and create it once and then make money selling it over and over again to lots of people day in day out online.


10) Can Wordpress Do E-commerce?

Yeah, Wordpress can be used to do e-commerce with popular Wordpress e-commerce plugins like Woocommerce and lot more. If you need professional help to get started, then checkout on Wordpress e-commerce services of Fiverr.


11) Does E-commerce Pay Taxes?

For sure, e-commerce is a large industry and the government has an eye on it too to ensure its taxed. But, how it is taxed and the classification of tax for e-commerce business depends on your country of residence and targeted potential customers country. Kindly consult with your professional legal adviser to guide on the applicable e-commerce law in your country to avoid getting screwed up by law and keep your e-commerce business safe.


12) Why E-commerce Security Is Important?

Just as the security of an offline store is important to prevent bad people from stealing from your store. Even more, the e-commerce security is most important as there are bad people on the internet too, trying to hack your store online and steal important information about your users or even their credit card details if your store allows them to safe it on your e-commerce website for faster shopping. Don't joke with e-commerce security or bad actors can bring down your e-commerce business to a halt at a blink of eyes. So, checkout E-commerce Security professionals for help to secure your online store on Fiverr.


13) Is e-commerce A Course?

E-commerce is a business and not a course but there are tones of e-commerce course out there online to help you get started with your journey. I may likely update this article later with some of them but for now, check out platforms like Udemy to get started.




PART B: How to start an E-commerce business with help of E-commerce professionals on platforms like Fiverr.


Now that you have some of your mind bothering questions about e-commerce answered as a newbie. it is time to check out how to start the business and how a platform like Fiverr can help make your dream e-commerce business a reality even as a first time attempt.


14) List of E-Commerce Platforms

There are different platforms you can start your e-commerce store website on and you need to understand that even though they offer similar features. They do also have some differences like the Payment option available to you to use in your store, pricing plans and a lot more. So, let's check out some of the most popular platforms used for e-commerce business set up online in no particular other.

List of e-commerce platforms for newbies to start an e-commerce business with easy are:

  1. Shopify
  2. Wordpress
  3. Others



Are you ready to give e-commerce business a try, then get started below:


15) How To Start E-Commerce Business with Fiverr?

Like, I mentioned earlier. There are different platforms and some learning curve about then which may proof intimidating and discouraging for you as a newbie.

Thus, you can now tap into the experience of professional e-commerce business services offered on Fiverr E-Commerce section (click here now) to help you get started.



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