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[Sticky] How To Become A Travel Agent In Nigeria  


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Hello, fellow EdoGWorldforumers,

In this guide, how to become a travel agent in Nigeria, I want to reveal how to start travel/visa agent business in Nigeria with a token (with less than N20,000 or more depending on the level you want to start from but it could be from home)

Back in 2013-2014 when I was in search of businesses to start and add up to extra income stream I came across Travel agency business from home or any office size without intensive capital. Since then have written a guide and published different editions to include the latest how to become a travel agent in Nigeria update on it which have sold and helped over 20-50 individuals and businesses to get started the business.

In this guide, I reveal how this new age had made it possible to become a travel agent with a token through the use of already registered and established companies in Nigeria.

If you are familiar with the business or had made research about it at a point in time you will have understood that you need a lot of things which are capital intensive like IATA approval to run a genuine (not counterfeit) travel agent business.

Normally this guide in the past 5 years, have sold it between N3,000 - N5,500 but it is going at a more cheaper almost free for members of this forum only.

Thus, to access it. Register as a member and contact me via WhatsApp 07066052228 with your username and email and date you registered to get the guide at the token of N2,500 only.

NOTE: If you don't like to join the forum which is free you can still order the guide for N5,000 only.


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