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[Solved] How To Get Approved For Google Adsense in 2020  


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How To Get Approved For Google Adsense in 2020 and beyond answered below.

Update: I have personally outlined steps I use to help my clients get approved for Google Adsense and even having an offer for 5members of my platform to get Approved Google Adsense account with a domain/website. So, log in to check the answer section below for details.

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You can follow these steps to easily get approved for Google Adsense in 2020 and beyond:

1. Get a custom domain name

2. Get a hosting (free via or preferably paid via WP hosting like Interserver

3. Setup your website/blog

4. Write 3 to 10 unique articles with 300 to 500 words minimum (avoid it been copy paste articles)

5. Share on social media or push Facebook and Google ads to generate traffic (real readers not bots)

6. Apply for Adsense

7. If above followed you have up to 95% chances of getting approved without any delay

NOTE: If you need help to handle any of the above, click on the contact page to reach out to EdoGWorld forum team for help (not free service please!).



I develop websites to adsense standard and sell for N50,000 to N100,000+ only which do include the website+custom domian+the approved adsAccount.

Based on the requests from clients, have decided to give this offer to first 5 members of my forum  only for a token of N30,000 and contains the following:

 ? You pick a custom .com (for others discuss first)

 ? I will handle the rest to create a website and optimize it for adsense with unique 3-10 contents

 ? After Adsense approval, will handover both the website and ads account to you. Will show you web hosting to transfer it to which cost you just about N2,000/month or it can be moved to your own hosting.

 ? Duration: Everything will be completed and handed over to you within 30days. This is to ensure we follow Google adsense best practices.

 ? Payment: You only need to deposit 50% and then balance up when approved before you will be given access (WARNING: if balance not paid within a week after approval done, I will resell to another person without any refund to you - be warned ? ? ? ).

You can claim these slot before its over

Pay into this forum official ads payment account by scrolling down the advertise page here for details.

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