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[Solved] How To Change Adsense Responsive Ads Background in New Adsense Account  


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In this post, I revealed how I was able to change the default Adsense responsive text link ads background from white to Red to make it convert better

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The truth is that Adsense default colour for responsive ads is not converting well and in my search to make the thing work better I discover how to create text link ads in new AdSense account.

After creating the text ads link, I observed that the white and blue colour are not catchy and users easily scroll past them and so less or no conversion at all.

Thus, I decided to dig deeper and discovered that Google officially removed the ads editor in responsive ads unit directly from AdSense.

It was painful but I got to do a workout.

After several searches online without help, I landed on a CSS code which I decided to try out myself and that is why you can see text link ads on this forum spots are more catchy with the red background compare to the default white background.


Follow the steps below:

1) See my guide on creating Text link ads in Adsense new account

2) After creating the link and insert it on your website/blog

3) Go to Wordpress plugin in Dashboard under Add New, search for SiteOrigin CSS plugin. Its is free.

4) Install and activate it

5) Go to Appearance and select Custom CSS from the list of options under it.

6) This will open a CSS editor powered by SiteOrigin for you so you can edit your CSS without tampering with your theme or lose it when theme updated. Put the following CSS code in the box:


ins {
background: #FF0000;


7) Click Save

8) Refresh your homepage or article where you have your Adsense link ads displayed on your site and you will notice the white background have now turned to red. 

9) You can edit the background colour to any other colour just by changing the colour code "#FF0000" to any colour code of choice. Though the red as been reported by many to be more catchy and convert better.


Anyways I just did mine less than an hour ago before putting this guide out here.

Hopefully, I may update later on my experience after the changes.

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