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[Solved] Why is my GTbank account restricted  


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Why is my GTbank account restricted, answered below

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Some of the following may cause banks like GTB to restrict your account:


1) BVN issues

2) Suspicious transactions

3) Someone reported your account for been used to scam other

4) Involves transactions labelled as fraudulent

5) You have gone beyond the bank total allowed balance for your type of account. Some account allow just N50,000 total balance at a go, why under could be up to N5,000,000 without issues

6) You received amount greater than you account type receiving limits. Some account can not receive more than N50,000 at a transaction and anything above that will trigger a check that will temporarily restrict your account till you are able to prove the validity of the fund source.

7) Your account is dormant - not receive nor send out within the last 6months

8) No guarantor approved yet - you can open accounts like current why your guarantors are yet to be approved but after receiving money, you will be denied withdrawing

9) Suspicious card transaction on your account especially international transactions

10) Others - Bank can decide to restrict your account for whatever reasons including been compelled to by the law

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Solution To GTB Bank Account Restriction:
Visit your bank to ascertain the cause of your account been restricted and based on the cause you will be guided on what to do to remove the restriction on your GTB bank account.

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Bank restricted your account due to:

  • Bank Restriction means saving without withdrawing.
  • If your account has been overdrawn due to insufficient fund.